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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch: dao.partnerships@baandekfoundation.org

1. Who benefits from Dao Ethical Gifts?

The ones who benefit the most from Dao Ethical Gifts are the women who produce these items. Thanks to your support, Dao provides these women with additional income, technical and vocational trainings, as well as emotional support and counseling. These women are therefore able build a better future for themselves and their family.

Secondly, all profits from Dao Ethical Gifts go back to Baan Dek Foundation's programs, creating a sustainable source of income for the foundation, and supporting vulnerable children's access to education, health and safety services.

2. Are all of the products handmade?

Yes, all of our products are handmade from start to finish, including the cutting of the material. We work with women with various skill levels in handicrafts and sewing, and who are facing many different emotional or personal situations. Therefore, every product is perfectly imperfect,, making each one even more beautiful and unique. The only outsourced element of the product is the print.

3. How can I personalize my gift?

We can add your company and/or event logo onto any product. Some gifts can also be personalized according to your preference, including variations in thread colors, prints, and some small details, like moving/removing the beads and/or bolts.

Another way to personalize your gift is to add a ‘story tag’ or a gift tag where we add the name of your company or the gift recipient, and explain the social impact of the gift.

4. Can I print a customized message on the product?

Dao is a brand with its own identity. We offer trendy products carefully designed by the Dao team. Our bags carry messages that raise awareness about social responsibility. We can add your company and/or event logo on our products, keeping the overall design the same. We don’t produce requested products outside of our catalogue.  

The only gifts where a custom message might be possible is on the black & white tote bags or apron, in which marginalized women add our Dao logo by handicraft (front or back). We will ensure that any customized message proposed is in-line with our overall mission and vision. 

If you order either the tote bags or the apron you can add your own design to the product. Please be aware that these gifts have been produced in Dao trainings by our beneficiaries. We use these products as a base for our trainings.

5. Can I ask for special packaging?

We have a small range of packaging that you can choose from, including ribbon color options. If you don’t like our packaging, you can ask for a special one that you have in mind and we will check if it’s possible to make.

6. Is the packaging included in the price of the gift?

The packaging is an extra cost and is not included in the price of the gift.

7. What is a ‘story tag’?

A ‘story tag’ is a paper tag which explains the social impact of your gift and contains the name of your company. Our story tag shares monitoring data, highlighting the significant impact your support has made towards helping kids at Baan Dek Foundation.  You can choose from several designs that we have carefully created. For special events, you can request to adapt the text according to your wish. You can also request a tag where you can write the name of the gift recipient. In accordance with our child protection policies, we do not use children’s faces as pictures on the story tag.

8. Is the story tag included in the price of the gift?

The story tag is an extra cost and is not included in the price of the gift. If you decide not to order a customized story tag, we will add our standard tag with Dao logo and message for free.

9. What is the minimum quantity for a single order?

The minimum quantity for a single order is 30 pieces per one gift. If you are interested in a few different products in smaller quantities, we can check if we have them available on stock, but they might be difficult to customize.

10. If I order big quantities, can I get a discount?

We don’t give discounts at any quantity for products ordered. Our gifts aim to create a social impact and are fully handmade by women in need. 100% of profits from your order help keep the project running, and support Baan Dek Foundation’s programs providing vulnerable children with access to Health, Education, and Safety services.

11. Are you able to accept orders for over 1'000 pieces?

Yes, we are able to accept high quantity gift orders. If the quantity ordered exceeds our internal capacity within the given deadline, we outsource part of the order to a local community of low income producers. In this case, we will mention on the quotation how much time we need in order to complete your order. This allows us to further our social impact regarding disadvantaged women in Thailand by generating extra revenue for a given community in need. 

12. If I want to place an order, what should I do?

If you are interested in ordering some of our CSR gifts, you should contact us via email and we will answer all of your questions. Please indicate the quantity, type of product that you want and the deadline for delivery. After we have received this information, we will send you the personalized mock-ups and quotation for your order.

13. Can I order online?

This is not an on-line shop. If you wish to inquire about an order you should contact us via email. 

14. How long does it take to deliver the products?

We usually ask for minimum one month’s notice for production (including shipment) upon receiving payment for the order. In the case of a high quantity order (over 500 pieces) we may ask for more time, depending on the type of product. We do not take any responsibility for delays in shipment. Once we send the gifts out, you’ll receive the tracking number and can monitor the delivery status on-line.

15. Can I return the products if I am not satisfied?

We do not accept any returns unless the product is delivered with a defect. We conduct detailed quality checks for every product that we send out, but it can happen that something gets damaged during shipment. If you have received products with a defect, please contact us via email within 14 days from receiving the product and we will walk you through the return process.  

16. Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, we deliver worldwide. Please note that in case of shipping the products outside Thailand, you will be responsible for covering all customs and import taxes.

17. How can I pay for my order? Do you accept credit cards?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept credit cards. We only accept payments made through a bank transfer. We will give you all the payment details once you confirm the order.

18. Can I pay for my order upon the delivery?

The order needs to be paid in advance. Dao is generating profit for an NGO, therefore needs to reduce the risks of late payments and ensure that social impact needs are being met. We start the production upon receiving the payment.

19. Is the import tax included in the price of the gift?

It is your responsibility to pay the import tax and any custom fees when we deliver gifts outside of Thailand. These costs are strictly related to your country’s import regulations and are not included in the product quotation.

20. Where can I add a logo of my company on the gift?

It depends on the product. We can be very flexible with all our textile products. Your logo can be added either to the front or the back of the product, usually replacing our standard Dao logo. We can print it directly onto the gift, or have it sewn on by hand by one of our beneficiaries. If you wish to keep both logos, yours and Dao, we can rearrange the design depending on the main print and other elements.

21. Can I add a logo of my company on leather items?

Yes we can print on leather, but it depends on the logo: small text on a small sized gift, like a luggage tag, may not be legible. If we see that printing on small leather items is not feasible we can add an additional, separate ‘story tag’ customized with your message and logo.

22. Can I remove the Dao SE stamp from the leather gift?

Yes, you can remove our Dao stamp from your gift.

23. Can I add my logo on a small accessory?

Yes, you can but it depends on the logo: small text on a small sized gift, like a luggage tag or a key chain, may not be legible. If we see that printing on a small item is not feasible we can propose additional, separate ‘story tags’ customized with your message and logo.