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Dao Ethical Gifts are customizable and unique products, handmade by marginalized women with locally sourced materials, as an alternative to your traditional corporate gifts. 100% of profits go directly to supporting vulnerable children through Baan Dek Foundation programs.
Each woman receives trainings in work readiness skills, sewing, and handicrafts; and innovative life coaching in order to achieve their long-term goals including financial literacy, small business plans, and construction sector skill development.



'Dao' was inspired by the story of a young girl named Duan (Thai for 'moon') and her younger sister Dao (Thai for 'star').

Duan and Dao were living under tin roofs in a marginalized community in Chiang Mai that lacked access to clean water and public services. At only 14 years old, Duan was using a false age so that she could work. She was then married at 15 years old, pregnant at 16 years old, and eventually became a single mother.  Despite Duan’s difficult situation, Baan Dek Foundation was able to inspire, empower, and support both Duan and Dao to help them build a better future. We believe that every woman and girl, no matter where they are from, deserves to live out their dreams.

Through Dao Ethical Gifts, we aim to bring a sparkle back into the eyes of women most in need: breaking the cycle of poverty, building ambition and hope for a brighter future.




Magali du Parc Crosta, Founder of Dao Ethical Gifts, is a French social worker and anthropologist with over 25 years of experience working in South-East Asia. Magali co-founded Baan Dek Foundation in 2002, and now serves as Executive Director.

Magali is committed to providing holistic support, based on social work principles and a clear understanding of community and family needs, to vulnerable women and children in Thailand.



The women working for Dao are professionals with backgrounds in business, design, and social work.
They are inspiring, and they shine in their work for Dao.



Baan Dek Foundation supports migrant children living in construction camps in Thailand.


Dao is a social program
created for women by women,
in the spirit of equality.


Pompom, Indigo Fabric and the Akha bead

Traditional materials used
by the local craftswomen
of Northern Thailand.


"Dao has created corporate gift items for Amadeus on a number of occasions now. Each time, I am impressed by the quality of the gifts and the ease of communication. I would recommend Dao to any organization looking for ethical corporate gifts."

Reuben Sady, Marketing Manager APAC, Amadeus

"I was really impressed with the folders I ordered from Dao Ethical Gifts. The Dao team was professional, and they delivered high quality products on time. We received excellent feedback from our workshop participants. I would happily recommend Dao."

Nicky Wilkinson, Tondo Foundation